We work with people who seek value creation, high-quality delivery and timely decision making


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ENTREPRENEURS and business leaders

The founders or key members of the value creation teams of oilfield services companies

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PRIVATE EQUITY and select investors

Investment professionals who are entrenched in the oilfield or who are seeing its potential for the first time

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HiGH performance corporate teams

Special components of larger corporates that are involved in game changing endeavours in the sector

Combining operational experience and best-in-class consulting methods


Producing nice slides and models is the easy part; we are firm believers that execution is the only place where strategy delivers value. We are oilfield specialists with an ideal combination of operational experience and consulting excellence, augmented with market intelligence, data and business development tactics to deliver the outcomes you seek.

Our building performance work includes:

  • Market insight & customer referencing
  • Strategy: finding quantifiable direction
  • Turnarounds: a roadmap to growth

Finding and delivering the upside that others cannot see


We read between the lines of business plans and IMs to deliver insight you'll find refreshing. We approach due diligence from angles only known to those who have delivered value in the oilfield services sector. We spend hours getting up to speed, not days or weeks, and spend the remaining time focusing on what matters most: delivering insight.

Our proving investment work includes:

  • Commercial and market due diligence
  • Deal opportunity screening
  • Asset performance benchmarking

Change management with a difference: unlocking potential


Sometimes areas considered "soft" are in fact more material than what can be quantified or analysed through desk research. While we can do that analysis with the best of them, we pride ourselves on embedding into our work an understanding of the key people involved. This gives the us the advantage of shaping and influencing the best possible outcomes, not just the obvious ones, and turns our recommendations into implementable actions.  

Our enabling delivery work includes:

  • Capturing upside: acquisition integration
  • Developing operational excellence
  • Managing change to safeguard value



We've mapped out the oilfield services value chain


For cases where a full consulting scope doesn’t fit, we also offer our expert network proposition: OFS Expert. If you need to examine the oilfield from a particular angle, who better to find the expert than a specialist. If we don't have all the answers, we can find the best people to help.