We are passionate about the oilfield and provide dynamic delivery of over 100 years of experience via our team and trusted advisors.  Our most important KPI is the quality of the relationships we have with our clients.

We are values driven and have an unrelenting focus on generating client value

Our values

Excellence | Stewardship | Integrity


Excellence is the standard for all we do, and what our other values enable us to deliver.

Stewardship means recognising the privilege we have to add value to our clients' situations and caring about it as if we were walking in their shoes.

Finally, enriching everything, is integrity.  We believe grey should be reserved for corporate colour schemes and not for how we work.  This means never being conflicted and always upholding the spirit of any agreement we enter into, even if it means passing on fee earning opportunities.


Roles with OFS Partners

Specific roles will be appearing live on this website in the coming months.  Please use the form below if you would like to pass on your details and register interest.

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