Using oilfield services insight to counter the oil & gas industry downturn: OFS Partners launched

OFS Partners, a new strategy consultancy and expert network, has been formally launched this week. It is a bold move in the midst of a struggling industry, where businesses are typically facing a 30-40% fall in performance year-on-year and other consultancies are struggling to justify their existence.

So why now? And why this new venture?

An industry in turmoil needs to start thinking differently and—more importantly—acting differently.  This attitude of course goes for operators and the supply chain, but it is equally relevant to professional services and consultants.  There is an abundance of market data in oilfield services, but it is an industry sorely lacking in the type of quality insight, engagement and support that would enable businesses and investors to thrive in the face of the downturn.

OFS Partners produces such oilfield services insight, underpinned by strong corporate values and driven by a commitment to creating value for its clients. It takes best-in-class consulting techniques and combines them with the team’s operational experience of delivering value in the oilfield. OFS Partners also has an expert network that can be leveraged to offer specific, targeted and discrete lines of enquiry for its clients.

“We invest time upfront to engage with clients and understand their situation and needs,” commented Andrew Paterson, Managing Partner.  “We are nimble, flexible and entrepreneurial and don’t rely on pre-existing management models or methods.  With targeted primary research, we partner with the client team to arrive not only at recommendations, but also at a change architecture that either accelerates growth or safeguards value.
“OFS Partners has been established amidst this downturn because we strongly believe in the value equation we can offer to entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and high performance corporate teams,” Paterson continued.  “We are excited about the opportunity to play our part in helping businesses and investors in oilfield services and the wider oil & gas industry to change, adapt and reach potential despite current market conditions.”

Please contact us if you think we can add value